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At Antwort, our skilled artisans are dedicated to creating unisex handmade jewellery that intrigues, enchants, and endures the test of time. Operating in our Antwerp-based workshop, we use the finest quality precious metals to craft pieces that can withstand everyday wear as well as be passed on as unique heirlooms.


Fusing exquisite craftsmanship with innovative designs, we construct bespoke, ethical jewellery with robust, organic forms that don’t compromise their timeless elegance. We are committed to minimizing our global footprint, endeavoring to only use sustainable products during every step of the process. The jewellery designs also reflect our desire to protect the planet, with our pieces drawing inspiration from the majestic ocean, rugged volcanic rocks, and the vast solar system — collectively representing a utopia in which nature hasn’t been compromised.

In addition, our passion for caring for the environment extends to our sales. We feel as though it’s our moral obligation to give back part of our profits to charities that protect nature’s integrity. We are also extremely driven to provide the best customer service possible, offering full refunds and exchanges whenever required. Whether you’re looking for a striking statement ring or something a little more classic and understated, we hope that you find something within our collection that truly resonates with you.



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