The Ethics of Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds

In recent years, the growing popularity of lab-grown diamonds has generated a lot of discussions. Jewellery lovers everywhere want to know what these diamonds really are and what makes them so special. In this article, we are going to discuss how these diamonds are made and why you should choose sustainable jewellery that uses them.

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are ethically-grown diamonds that have been created in a lab setting. In every way, lab-grown diamonds are identical to “real” diamonds that have been mined directly from the Earth. Do lab-grown diamonds test real? Absolutely! These diamonds are real. They are just made using different resources.

Instead of pulling them from the planet, we use science to create these diamonds in labs. You will find that these diamonds offer all of the beauty and splendor without any of the ethical concerns that have haunted the diamond industry since its introduction.

What Makes Lab-Grown Diamonds an Ethical Solution?

Chances are that you have probably heard that the diamond industry is considered unethical. In reality, there is no single reason that the natural diamond industry is considered unethical. There are actually quite a few.

From an environmental perspective, natural diamonds are known to have a devastating impact on the planet. This isn’t the diamond themselves. It is the processes that companies use to obtain them. Diamond mining contributes to deforestation, forced erosion, and other environmental hazards.

Beyond the concerns for our planet, natural diamond mining is also considered to be a humanitarian crisis. In search of diamonds, companies have forced entire communities from their homes. Worse, the people who are responsible for mining them are largely working in unregulated areas and are exposed to extremely difficult and dangerous work conditions.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab-grown diamonds are made using processes that recreate the natural cycle of the earth. Since we have a complete understanding of how that works, we are able to recreate it in a lab to create perfect diamonds that do not require any mining. Instead, they grow in a safe environment until they are ready to be used. Just like with natural diamonds, there are even different types of lab-grown diamonds.

Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Compromise on Quality?

Diamonds are one of nature’s many beautiful creations, and it can be hard to believe that we can recreate it so perfectly. Despite this common belief, the truth is that we can recreate them. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to traditional diamonds in every way, making them a great opportunity to enjoy the same beautiful diamonds you love without any of the environmental or community risks.

The Takeaway

For generations, diamonds have been the center of the jewellery world—and with good reason too! People love the beauty that diamonds offer and the ways that these precious gemstones are able to instantly improve just about any piece of jewellery you add them to. Whether you want a lab-grown diamond necklace or lab-grown diamond ring, you can enjoy the sparkle of diamonds without the guilt that is associated with the diamond industry.

If you are looking to see just how stunning lab-grown diamonds can be, you can explore our lab-grown diamond jewellery today. We are proud to use these diamonds to create sustainable jewellery that can be worn, given as gifts, and passed down through families too!